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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic XV Day & NightTo a large extent, the development of the watch industry in America can be attributed to the advent and subsequent development of American railroads.

In 1891 Webster Clay Ball began to revolutionize the railroad industry by developing the highest of standards for timekeeping accuracy and much of the technology behind watch movements that could meet those standards. Ball came to be known as "the cadillac" of the watch industry and the phrase "get on the ball" refers to using a Ball Watch to keep time.

More than one hundred years later, Ball Watch is one of the most respected and established watch brands in the United States. Ball Watch's mission is to carry on in the tradition of Webster Ball in manufacturing highly accurate timepieces for use by those working under difficult circumstances. As it was for the railroad industry 115 years ago, now it is for the explorers and adventurers that push themselves to the limit.

The Ball solution to the problem of reading time in the dark is the Self-Powered Micro Gas Lights (3H). This Swiss technology safely captures pure tritium gas in a mineral glass tube coated with luminescent material. The light is produced when the electrons of the tritium strike the luminous phosphors on the inside of the glass.

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