Service Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic and Manual Wind Watch Services

What does a full service on my watch mean?
  When a full service is performed on a watch, the watch is completely disassembled. All parts are cleaned and lubricated, all gaskets replaced, and any broken or worn parts are replaced. The bracelet and case are cleaned and refinished prior to reassembling the watch. Performing a service on your mechanical watch will extend its life and your enjoyment of your watch. World Class Watches offers a one-year warranty on the full service of a watch.

How often should I have my watch serviced?
  This depends on how and when you wear your watch. In general, a mechanical watch should be serviced every 5 to 7 years. If the watch is worn under more adverse conditions on a regular basis, such as daily horseback riding, landscaping, construction work, etc., the watch may need more frequent service. If the watch has been sitting in a drawer for years (a commonly heard comment), it should be evaluated for service. When a watch is not running, the lubricants can dry out or gum up, causing stress when the movement is reactivated by winding it.

What should I do if the crystal fogs up or I see moisture in the watch?
  At the first sign of any moisture in your watch, bring it in. Signs of moisture are an indication of a greater problem and can lead to rust developing in the watch if the watch is not dried out immediately. For instance, there may be a gasket that has deteriorated to a point that the watch is no longer water resistant. Water may be leaking in through the crystal or the crown. It is in the best interest of your watch (and your wallet) to have the watch looked at immediately. As Neil Young said, “Rust Never Sleeps.” The problem will only get worse if it is ignored.

What should I do if I drop my watch?
  Dropping a watch on Saltillo tile, cement, brick, or other hard surface can cause a shock to the watch. Even though it seems the watch is running and there is no visible damage, it is best to have the watch examined. Unseen damage such as a loose screw can lead to greater damage to the movement over time.

Do you repair pocket watches?
  World Class Watches does not service pocket watches. Due to the age of most pocket watches, this requires a specialist who has accumulated the necessary parts. We are happy to provide a reference of a qualified specialist.

Quartz Watch Services

How often should I need to change the battery in my watch?
  A watch battery should last about 16 months before needing to be changed. In the past, batteries lasted years, but due to environmental concerns, watch batteries no longer contain mercury, so don’t last as long. An indicator that your watch battery may be dying is if the second hand starts jumping in 3 to 5 second intervals. This is called an “end of life” indicator. The battery should be changed as quickly as possible after it dies. A dead battery that sits can leak, causing further damage to the watch.

Why do you need to keep my watch overnight just to change the battery?
  World Class Watches keeps a watch overnight after the battery is changed in order to ensure that the watch is running properly. If after the battery change it is not keeping time, WCW will determine what is wrong and notify you of the problem and the cost of the repair. WCW prides itself in providing the best possible service, therefore we go the extra step to ensure that the watch is running properly before it leaves the store.

Why would my watch stop just a couple of months after a battery change?
  If you have the battery changed and your watch stops running in just a few months, this could indicate that your movement is wearing out and draining the battery, in which case the movement may need to be replaced (See Movement Service below).

What does it mean to have a movement service done?
  Many times when a quartz watch stops, it is assumed the reason is that the battery needs to be changed. This is not always the case. Many times, especially in older models, the movement has worn out and needs to be replaced. When a movement service is performed, not only is the movement replaced, but also the gaskets, and the watch is water-tested.

What is involved in a battery service?
  When a battery service is performed on your watch, not only is the battery changed, but the movement is removed so that the case and bracelet can be thoroughly cleaned. The back gasket is then replaced and, when the watch is reassembled, it is water-tested. Watches that require a battery service at the time of a battery change include any “divers” watches, the Ebel Sportwave, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Baume & Mercier & Breitling watches. Cleaning the bracelet will extend its life as bracelets collect oils and dust which act like sandpaper in the links of your bracelet.

If you have more questions about battery replacement please read David Perlowin's article Expert Advice - Why It Matters Who Changes Your Watch Battery.