David Perlowin of World Class Watches

Our passion for watch service

At World Class Watches, we believe watch service is a way of life. Our passion for watch service and repair combined with the highest level of skill make for a rather rare watch salon. Owner David Perlowin is a second-generation watchmaker with years of training and certification from Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP). World Class Watches offers service on several luxury watch brands including Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, as well as other Swiss timepieces.

Approximately 5 percent of all watchmakers in this country are WOSTEP graduates, and only 50 percent of the students who take the final exam become certified.

Few watchmakers can thrive in a retail environment as does Mr. Perlowin. Not only is he committed to providing excellent service, he is determined to find the absolute best timepiece to suit his client’s needs – be it new or a vintage piece he has restored to like-new condition. WCW welcomes all high-grade Swiss wristwatches for service and repair. If Mr. Perlowin is unable or unwilling to perform the service on your timepiece, he will refer you to the very best person to fulfill your needs.